[Acc] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

[Acc] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99


[Acc] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

12 reviews for [Acc] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

  1. CellarDoor335

    Deal over already? Price says 220.

  2. KirbyStyle

    Are you able to mount this on a rifle? Or is this basically handgun only?

  3. bitcuration

    I just received my order this seller. It’s lightly used. How do I know? The battery is already in the reddot. I have a handful of holosun reddot purchased in the last one year, none has battery already installed.

    In fact, despite the battery is already installed, I can’t turn it on. Until I swapped one battery from another 407K (previous model) then it’s on. Otherwise everything else seems working fine.

    I ended up keeping it and nothing make a fuzz about it, but beware the price cut for a untold reason, although I much rather prefer the seller be forthcoming at the first place. The hidden practice leaves a bad taste in mouth.

  4. CrunkleRoss

    How to get the 179 price?

  5. corruptbytes

    pretty cheap, anyone use these on a shotty?

  6. isaac62

    I like the dot better than the circle dot

  7. aTip4You

    I believe this is the lowest price in a while, holosun said the green version of this will be out in mid July, waiting on that one

  8. lordscrodom

    Will this work on a 509 Tactical? Is it a good choice? Something I should hold out for instead? Any help would be appreciated.

  9. FBl0penUp

    Can this be directly mounted on a 43x MOS? Or a sig p355 XL?

  10. AgentBanner

    Would this mount on a Shadow Systems MR920?

  11. Ed0g

    Bruh… this is CHEAP!!!

  12. Steelhead_Arms_

    We have these on sale for Father Day They are $176.99 + s/h


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