[ACC] Geissele mk14 Rail 13.5” $199

[ACC] Geissele mk14 Rail 13.5” $199


[ACC] Geissele mk14 Rail 13.5” $199

5 reviews for [ACC] Geissele mk14 Rail 13.5” $199

  1. nosnhojam

    > By not insuring your order you are 100% responsible if your package is lost, damaged, or stolen.

    I’ve ordered from Aim before but don’t remember seeing this. Yet another retailer attempting to pawn shipping insurance off on the customer.

  2. NPSgator

  3. AlmostHonestAbe

    I just got the mk8 and it’s a fuckin tank. Too bad I already built out my 14.5 barrel with it or else I’d buy this. Solid deal.

  4. joe_sun

    IMO these are the best looking Geissele handguards, tempting… but I really don’t have a rifle I could use it on.

  5. derfdog


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