[Acc] Fully Customizable 2-Point Sling (TOIM) $34.99

[Acc] Fully Customizable 2-Point Sling (TOIM) $34.99


[Acc] Fully Customizable 2-Point Sling (TOIM) $34.99

9 reviews for [Acc] Fully Customizable 2-Point Sling (TOIM) $34.99

  1. Tytar

    So wheres the ahegao print with uwu in the quick adjust loop?

  2. hugoender

    The TOIM (This One Is Mine) Sling is a sling that you can customize to make it uniquely yours.

    The name comes from the first line of the Rifleman’s Creed: “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but **this one is mine.**”

    **So what makes this sling great?**

    * Fully customizable: choose color/pattern, hardware color, pull tab color, and even pull tab text
    * Pull tab text is laser engraved so there’s no paint or any other superficial coating that can wear off over time
    * Quick adjust tab can be used as pull tab or pull loop so you can use your method of choice to quickly tighten or loosen the sling
    * Features an elastic keeper that not only keeps the sling tight and tidy during use but also lets you fold the sling onto the rifle for neat and low profile storage that’s easy to deploy.
    * All plastic hardware to ensure your firearm doesn’t get scratched or marred.
    * We spend considerable extra time on each build to get the details right:
    * Ends of sling are heat cut to fuse the strands, then folded and stitched to ensure they never fray.
    * All stitching thread ends are heat fused to prevent stitches from coming apart over time and to improve the aesthetics of the sling (no loose threads at the end of every stitch like most competitors)
    * We make sure to align the Multicam text on Multicam patterns so that they’re not upside down. This is a small detail that we think matters for the overall aesthetics of the sling
    * All folds or points of snag or discomfort are directed inwards towards the sling and away from the body for increased comfort and to avoid snags or hang ups.
    * We only use the best American made webbing and hardware. Webbing is sourced from one of the biggest distributors of Multicam material and hardware is ITW hardware used in almost every tactical bag, belt, PC, etc.
    * Our slings are manufactured by us, here in the United States
    * Last but not least, it’s affordable!

    [Obligatory gun pics with our TOIM Sling](https://imgur.com/a/ZKefCFr)

  3. XandrosUM

    I can TOTALLY recommend this company and product! I have a custom TOIM sling and love it! Very good quality. And even better customer service.

  4. slloyddouglass

    Have one and it’s great – now if they made a padded one I’d buy one for each of my long guns.

  5. TheTrooperNate

    Looks good

  6. Fiji1280

    Apologies OP for asking this off-topic question, but can anyone suggest a sling for a Beretta LTT 1301 shotgun?

  7. CappinTeddy

    I copied your other comment reference the padded sling coming out soon. I’m absolutely going to hop on one of those after the experience I had with your cobra belt hangers. I love your innovation man. I really want to get into a Vickers or Ferro sling but they only offer OD/RG with coyote hardware and I aint about that :’)

  8. jjl1911

    I’m getting ready to order a sling from you guys.

    Question: Is the font centered on the Pull Tab, or can it be?


  9. gorillapunchTKO

    God my sling from these guys, great purchase and customer service definetely gtg

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