[Acc] Detachable MR556 Rear Sight $169.99

[Acc] Detachable MR556 Rear Sight $169.99


[Acc] Detachable MR556 Rear Sight $169.99

10 reviews for [Acc] Detachable MR556 Rear Sight $169.99

  1. SirDerpsworth

    I snatched a rear AND front sight a few years ago on robertrtg for $100 total. When will HK’s crusade against the poor end

  2. TalaxianNeckbeard

    More of an in-stock notification. These have been hard to find as of late. I assume + tax and shipping on this one. HKParts has the front sights. And no, these are too low to use on a standard AR, but would look cool on a CZ Scorpion, Galil Ace, or something else.

  3. MilSimSupply

    What else do I need to complete this build?

  4. Foot_Dragger

    Saw a version of this on a nerf gun and I was really confused.

    What does the dial do? 4 holes?

  5. I_got_gud

    Lol no

  6. stircrazy85

    Drum sights are cool but its lame they didn’t put a V notch on these like every other HK drum sight has


    Is this the proper height for a normal AR front sight?

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  9. Odysseus556

    Would probably work great on the foxtrot Mike fm-15.

  10. Affectionate-Metal-2

    Would work well on a POF 415 & Eotech XPS.
    Would be lower 1/3. Troy micro sights work with that setup as well.

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