[Acc] Cloud Defensive 20% off site wide and free shipping

[Acc] Cloud Defensive 20% off site wide and free shipping


[Acc] Cloud Defensive 20% off site wide and free shipping

12 reviews for [Acc] Cloud Defensive 20% off site wide and free shipping

  1. tevsm

    Just picked up a polymer LCS for Streamlight, discount and free shipping already applied with no code required

  2. Veloster_Raptor

    HLX Rail Mount with Polymer LCS kit is $136. Im tempted to pick one up.

  3. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    REIN complete kit for $230 is a crazy deal. If you’re still rocking a Streamlight or similar quality light this is a great time to upgrade.


    I’m dumb and wasn’t paying attention to the discount already being applied. Here’s a complete kit on Lanbos for $270 added to cart


  4. IncreaseSufficient

    Thanks OP! Just picked up a remote switch for my rein!

  5. nohcho84

    Anyone else having an issue placing an order?

  6. minhthemaster

    Rein micro or HLX?

  7. mjohnson062

    FYI, military discount for Cloud Defensive is 25%.

  8. 7_percent_provo

    In for the REIN micro!

  9. Eris_is_Savathun

    I’m looking to upgrade from an olight exploder. I’d like something that can mount to a pic rail, as fairly tight against the suppressor, and has a “tape switch?” That can mount on top of the handguard. I’m a bit confused about what’s needed. Is there a lot that I can purchase that will be a full setup, will I need to buy a light, a switch, and a tailcap? Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I want to be sure to get the right stuff. Thanks to any good Samaritan.

  10. HPIguy

    Of course, snagged a Rein micro off GAFS last night. I’m sure I’ll still by happy with it though.

  11. Oldfatsad

    Any deals on brown? Looks OOS here.

  12. A_10L

    I wasn’t planning on spending $175 today. In for the poly hlx kit and then ordered arisaka in-line mlok mount from optics planet. I’m definitely hoping those are compatible. Anyone can chime in and tell me I did a good thing, thanks.

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