[Acc] Battle Board blem sale – Large Scout Board $15 + ship (70% off)

[Acc] Battle Board blem sale – Large Scout Board $15 + ship (70% off)


[Acc] Battle Board blem sale – Large Scout Board $15 + ship (70% off)

14 reviews for [Acc] Battle Board blem sale – Large Scout Board $15 + ship (70% off)

  1. wutatthrowaway

    We used to call these trapper keepers in my day

  2. darlasparents

    Holding out for the Dawson’s Creek version of this trapper keeper.

  3. squilliam777

    This will make navigating my chicken tendy run from mom’s basement to the freezer a lot easier

  4. thegenericchen

    dont forget to pick up a stick on a rope: [https://battleboard.us/collections/all-product/products/light-my-fire-tinder-on-a-rope](https://battleboard.us/collections/all-product/products/light-my-fire-tinder-on-a-rope)

  5. Skilled1

    Looks like that elastic thing inside holds a complete 12 piece crayon snack pack for our marine bros.

  6. thegenericchen

    $6 shipping to Texas fyi

  7. PrometheusGTS

    This actually would’ve been pretty useful back when I was active.

  8. Jlos_acting_career

    Where is the Lisa Frank pattern?

  9. glutarded247

    What size fits in a pocket? Brother is in basic and asked me for one of these to fit in a pocket but not sure what size is best.

  10. deepbluebroadcaster

    No shit…I’m actually going to buy an OG trapper keeper now!

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  12. lil_johnny_cake

    Is this some sort of tactical binder?

  13. rollpi

    For this price, why not. Could come in handy for a 13F

  14. nate92

    Are these guys really trying to charge $530 for a fucking organizer? Holy military procurement batman.

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