[Acc] B.R.O.S in stock $40

[Acc] B.R.O.S in stock $40


[Acc] B.R.O.S in stock $40

13 reviews for [Acc] B.R.O.S in stock $40

  1. Dionysiokolax

    I’ve been on the email list for one of these, but I didn’t get an email. Thanks OP, I would have been so pissed if I missed picking one up.

  2. osnap32

    87 left as of posting.

  3. renegadeGDI

    This going to sound crazy but I have somewhere around 10k worth of different optics and red dots and the SRO is my favorite. I have astigmatism and it’s the only one that looks like a clean circular dot to me. I use mine on a scalarworks mount on my home defense rifle.

  4. angry-buddhist

    Huge thanks OP!!! Waiting a couple months for this.

  5. osnap32

    Bot OOS

  6. Poultrylord12

    In for one, finally! Thanks OP!

  7. koo145

    Is this a cock ring?

  8. DevAlmighty

    Trijicon are notoriously resilient optics. Is this attempting to solve a non-existent problem?

  9. p00pl00ps1

    >according to Murphy’s law we will not warranty your optic against neglect or abuse

    Read: we don’t trust this product to work, please buy it anyway
    Edit: also read some responses for serious copium huffers

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  11. kdD93hFlj

    This product is solid. My issue is with the SRO. My 5 MOA dot had excessively distracting and awful emitter glare at any brightness.

    [5 MOA SRO Emitter Glare](https://i.imgur.com/uYYU69i.jpg)

  12. VegetableSupport3

    I’ve got something similar on one of my Sig Romeo’s and they are definitely worth the money.

  13. wonger86


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