[ACC] Aervoe Military Vehicle & Recreation Camouflage Paint, $7.99

[ACC] Aervoe Military Vehicle & Recreation Camouflage Paint, $7.99


[ACC] Aervoe Military Vehicle & Recreation Camouflage Paint, $7.99

10 reviews for [ACC] Aervoe Military Vehicle & Recreation Camouflage Paint, $7.99

  1. Clifton1979

    How many cans to cover my ex-wife’s Chevy Traverse? It’s in my name so I can legally change the color….

  2. ultramarioihaz

    My first thought was camouflage paint comes out of the can with the actual camouflage, different colors, pattern, design, etc lol

    _how do they do it?!_

  3. Dionysusigma

    For all the “no FDE” whiners, lol

  4. SpookyToast56

    Oh, Baby. I’ve been using aervoe quite a bit recently and love it. It’s not as durable as Brownells Alumahyde, but much more so than Rustoleum or Krylon. Don’t worry, it will still wear with use!! It will just take quite a bit more time to get that worn look than it would with other spray paint.

    Here are some considerations for anybody interested.

    – First thing I noticed when applyimg is how much more “paint like” this feels than Rustoleum/Krylon. The latter normally take a couple minutes to be dry, but aervoe will take me about half an hour (or more) unless I use a heat gun during the drying process.

    – For curing, I normally use a heat gun and hit it a couple times a day for about a week or so. It takes substantially longer to cure than the other camo paints.

    – The cap colors are **not** very accurate lol. The Earth Brown isn’t as dark as I prefer (I use a little Rustoleum earth brown and put a little bit over. Gives a nice fade from dark to light brown). It’s also worth nothing that “Field Drab” is very close to taupe.

    – I would recommend not using on rubberized surfaces. I got a bit on my Magpul K2+ and it was a tacky mess for about a week so I just tossed it.

    – Some people say that the cans get clogged after the first use. This may be true, but not what I have experienced. I just leave the cans outside in the heat and have not had a single issue with clogging (have used the same 4 cans several times over the past couple months).

    As somebody who rattlecans everything unfortunate enough to come my way, I would highly recommend this paint!

  5. UltimateSepsis

    Would this be good for playing paint your AR?

  6. AlfalfAhhh

    I never saw that brand of spray paint while I was in the US Army, it was always either Rustoleum or Skillcraft.

  7. Dolphlungegrin

    How does this compare to alumahyde?

    E: Says its High-hide enamel

    Alumahyde is an epoxy

  8. IROCZepp

    Is earth yellow the color used on tan military vehicles?

  9. meddlingmages

    Camo paint? I’m sure this looks real nice

  10. Ok_Understanding1612

    all the photos look like doodoo

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