Manufacturer Review: Magpul


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0:00 Manufacturer Review: Magpul
0:48 Magpul History
1:50 PMAGS
2:34 AR-15 Accessories: Stocks & Grip
3:54 BAD Lever
5:54 AR-10 Accessories (Nemo Arms XO AR-10)
7:10 Bolt Action Mags (Proof Research MTR .300WIN Bolt Action Rifle)
7:31 Magpul Firearms – Masada ACR & Mosoud (Fox 42)
8:39 ZEV and Magpul FDP-9/FDC-9
9:46 AK Accessories (Zastava M70 Tactical)
13:33 Glock Accessories
14:58 H&K SP5 9mm Pistol
15:30 IWI Galil Ace
17:03 Final Thoughts
18:01 Win FLAIR’s Barrett M82A1!

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