Make Your Own Range Targets the Easy Way!


Some of you have asked how I make the targets used here on OGDS. Well come along for Uncle OG’s Arts & Crafts Show and I’ll walk you through the simple steps to build your own out of simple crap you have laying around the house. There might even be a couple of laughs and a little shooting along the way. Enjoy!
Attention YouTube Overlords: All shooting in this video was conducted at a secure firing range by a certified law enforcement range safety officer.

No firearms or firearm parts are being advertised or sold. No firearms were modified, altered or dicked with in this video.

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Disclaimer: OG is a professional clown. Do not attempt any stupid activity seen in this or any other video.
The views expressed by OG or anyone on this channel do not reflect the views of his agency. In fact, they don’t agree with most of what is on this channel because they were not issued a sense of humor.

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