I Drove 19 Hours To Take This Shooting Course & Here’s Why.


Destination Shooting

The furthest I’ve driven was 9 hours and that was to New Mexico. Now, I’m driving 19 hours to Utah. Kamas Utah to be exact.

I’m headed to Utah to take the Archon Ready Groups 2 day Pistol and Rifle course. Archon Ready Group is what happens when you take the Gun Company Salient Arms International and Archon Firearms USA and tell them to create a training company.

Salient Arms is one of the most infamous gun companies in the industry. I’ve done a video or two on some of their guns. Besides me being a fan of their guns, I’ve always been impressed by their aesthetic, branding, and innovation.

I’ve already done a video on the Archon Type B and I walked away pretty damn impressed with what was a very ambitious gun.

All that being said, these two companies coming together to create a training company intrigued me immensely, so I called Peter and told him we were going to Utah to film Rush Hour four in Utah and he was likely going to do most of the driving.

Our route to Utah took us from Texas to New Mexico, then to Colorado then to Utah. Sadly, 90% of the trip was driving through Texas. I love my Texas, but Texas is so visually boring to drive through it feels like time just says fuck it, I’m gonna a take a nap. New Mexico and Colorado however is a different story.

I broke the trip in half and stopped in Colorado Springs where we met up with my friend Ava. She took us into the mountains for some site seeing and I also had one of the best chicken and waffles dishes I’ve ever had. Never thought that would happen in Colorado. After Colorado, we made our way into Park City Utah.

So why did I Drive 19 Hours to take this shooting course?

I drove 19 hours to take the course because I take my training with a firearm seriously and because Destination Shooting is an underrated form of vacation.

Yes, I could have waited until they held a class in Dallas Texas where I currently live, but when you love shooting as much as I love shooting, you start using the shooting as a justification to explore the world.

The different cities and states you drive through, the people you meet, the places you stay, the food you eat, it’s all part of that experience.

So I guess in short, I drove 19 hours to Take this shooting course because I needed an excuse to travel and to shoot.

I mean think about it, how many people can say they came back from vacation knowing how to better protect themselves and had a blast doing it?

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