How Your Tax Dollars Fund Gun Control & How to Stop it – Texas SB19


Texas SB19 2021

When it comes to the Second Amendment, the gun community is always playing defense. Very rarely are we fighting to gain something. We are constantly forced into a position of trying to defend. Naturally, this makes sense because the text of the Second Amendment says shall not be infringed, so there’s nothing to gain beyond shall not be infringed.

Unfortunately, the gun control lobby has been chipping away at that shall not be infringed for some time now, so we’re left scrambling to try to restore what we’ve lost while at the same time trying not to lose more. As a result, we’re always playing defense.

Well, here is an opportunity to play offense.

The gun-control lobby is not stupid and attacks the 2nd Amendment from all angles; Politically, socially, culturally, and in this case, Financially.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that big banks, insurance companies, payment processors, big tech, and others have been trying to suffocate the gun industry financially. They do this by denying access to the essential services that they provide.

If I’m a gun company or gun store, I need a way to process payments, but if credit card companies, PayPal, square, and the like refuse to do business with gun companies, there’s no way for them to do this.

Take Bank of America, for example. Bank of America won’t do any business with any company that makes or sells AR-15s. CitiGroup won’t offer loans or store-branded credit cards to retailers that sell guns to anyone 18 – 20-year-olds, even though anyone from 18-20 can legally purchase a long gun.

These corporations are coming together, forming Voltron against the Second Amendment by intentionally discriminating against firearm-related businesses not because they’re breaking laws or doing anything nefarious, it’s purely for political reasons. They’re saying, oh, you support the Second Amendment, well we don’t, and because you do, we’re going to discriminate against you and make it virtually impossible to do business.

No city would use taxpayer funds to do business with companies that openly discriminated against people based upon race, sex, and religion. So Why would they possibly choose to do business with companies openly trying to destroy our Second Amendment?

Unfortunately, many city officials have the same hatred for the Second Amendment, so they do business with these companies.

The good thing is, In my home state of Texas, two legislators – Senator Charles Schwertner and Representative Giovanni Capriglione are taking a stand against requiring citizens to fund corporate gun control.

With Senate Bill 19 and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick provides the weight of his full support behind the bill.

What their bill says is that if you are a corporation that discriminates against firearm-related businesses or trade groups, you will not be getting any funding from the citizens of this great state.

You cannot enter into contracts with any government entity, period.

We will not force Texans to pay for efforts to destroy their essential Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

There are senators in other states like Rick Brattin in Missouri trying to do the same thing for the good people there. Along with Representative Blake Miguez from Louisiana.

And all these corporations would have to do is to stop trying to destroy the Second Amendment with woke politics and get back to doing what they do best, make money, and they’ll be free to contract with the government all they want; it’s that easy.

If you live in Texas, call your state senator and representative. Tell them to support a strong Senate Bill 19. Tell them you don’t want to be forced to fund companies destroying your right to arms.

Tell them to stop the discrimination against the gun industry that is so essential to our ability to exercise our constitutional rights in the first place.

If you live in other states like Missouri or Louisiana, call your elected officials there and tell them to do what Texas is doing to put the taxpayer-funded discrimination to an end, once and for all.

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