How To Train/Prepare For An Active Crisis (w/ Rick Vasquez)


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0:00 How to Prepare for An Active Crisis
0:52 Meet Rick Vasquez
2:20 About Active Crisis Consulting
3:20 How to Prepare your Home and Family
6:52 Key Points to Protect Yourself in Your Home
11:30 The Magic Word is “Plan”
13:01 First Aid
14:49 Active Crisis’s Services
16:10 Difficult Situations Preparation: #1 Evade
22:02 An Educated Society is a Safer Society
24:58 Message to Instructors
26:37 What If You Don’t Have Your Firearm?
29:11 Win the CZ Bren 2 Ms!

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Intro Song: “Issa Trap” by Mikey Geiger