Guns For Sale By Owner

Guns For Sale By Owner: Where To Find Them Online


The best place on the internet to find guns for sale by owner is at Armory Classifieds. Keep reading to learn why we stand apart – and for some helpful tips to make your transactions as smooth as possible.

Armory Classifieds was created as a place for gun owners to list their firearms, ammunition, accessories, and services online to buyers in their local communities. Since many other online platforms prohibit listings of firearms and related products, we saw the need for programs and sites for those who wanted to list guns for sale by owner and purchase directly from local sellers.

Many of our vendors at Armory Classifieds are small gun shop owners. Since we don’t deal directly with any of the transactions on our website, you are free to contact them directly and even make your purchase inside their store or through their online website. Finding guns for sale near you is as easy as selecting the category you want to shop from, choosing your state, and searching for listings in nearby cities.

Selling Your Firearms On Armory Classifieds

What does Armory Classifieds have to offer to our sellers? Besides a place to create gun classifieds, our platform provides:

  • Analytics
  • Listing management
  • Messaging systems
  • Emails
  • Lead generation

All of this equates to increased foot traffic to your store. It’s the perfect solution for gun classifieds shoppers and sellers.

Buying Guns For Sale By Owner? Some Practical Tips From Us

As a buyer, it’s important to do your homework before purchasing a firearm or any accessories. In a private sale, you will usually want to physically inspect the firearm that you want to buy before paying for anything. This is one reason that Armory Classifieds is so convenient for private gun sales since you can connect directly with sellers in your state. 

Additionally, you should not provide payments or any sensitive information to someone you do not know and who is not a reputable seller. This includes credit card information, bank account information, or sending cash through the mail.

Seller Safety Tips

While most of the buyers looking for guns for sale by owner are honest people, there is always a very small percentage that you need to watch out for. Some red flags include:

  • Offering to pay you more money than what you listed the firearm for
  • Trying to purchase the firearm but telling you they are out of state, on vacation, or otherwise unable to meet you in person or purchase through your website
  • Trying to arrange a third party to pick up the firearm from you
  • Trying to pay you to do something for them instead of simply purchasing the firearm

A good rule of thumb is to listen to your gut and not engage in any sale that doesn’t seem quite right.

Armory Classifieds Has The Guns For Sale By Owner You Need

It’s quick and easy to set up an account and create your first listing with us. The best part is – your first two listings are free! Don’t wait, create your account today and start selling.

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  1. I am Paul Klenner.I just registered and purchased the 10 ads for 6.99. Then I went to post a listing and it said I needed to purchase one of the 3 packages!
    Please call me at 916-597-8302. I cannot find a phone number for you.

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