Elitist News Host Says, “If You Can’t Afford Training With Your Gun, Find Other Means of Protection”


Constitutional Carry

This video is a clip from Ron Corning, a TV host at ABC affiliate WFFA. He gives his thoughts about constitutional carry and the people who can’t afford the cost of getting a license to carry after an interview with firearms trainer Jerah Hutchins.

“If you cannot afford a car, then you got to take the bus. If you can’t afford the licensing and training, then you have to find another means to protect yourself.”

Here’s the problem with your analogy Ron. Driving is a privilege, not a right. You’d know this if you weren’t so busy being a $500 Robert Graham shirt-wearing elitist.

Owning and, yes, carrying a Gun is a right. When you make a right only accessible to people who can afford it, you have turned that right into a privilege.

You have the money to train and get a licensee, but everyone doesn’t have a cushy news job where they get to wear make-up and Nike Cohan’s with no socks and spread their opinions on how poor people shouldn’t be able to carry a gun because they can’t afford it.

I live in Dallas. I know how violent it is around here. Ron, you live in a Bubble of naive privilege.

You don’t have to confront the violence daily because you’re in an area of Dallas that is swarming with police.

The poor people who you claim shouldn’t be able to carry a gun because they can’t afford the license and training live in areas where they are confronted with violence often.

The good people in these places need those guns more than you do.

Ron, you’re entitled to your opinion because you have a first amendment right, not a first amendment privilege. You didn’t have to pay to use it; you have that right because you live in a free society.

Texas should have been a constitutional carry state decades ago. The license requirement was nothing but a revenue generating scheme.

The irony is, you were speaking to a woman who trains people for a living. If there’s anyone who should be against it, it should be her.

She would instead protect poor people’s right to protect themselves while you seemingly want to protect your right to be a pompous elitist who can’t make the distinction between a right and a privilege.

I believe anyone who does own and/or carry a gun should get training whenever their economic status allows it.

Even if you can’t afford training, you can learn everything you need to know about gun safety simply by watching YouTube videos, by simply searching the rules of gun safety.

Because I do think training is important, if you live in the Dallas FT Worth and you don’t have the money to pay for training, I’m going to be donating $3,000 to Jerahs training company, Clearing The Chamber, to sponsor 20 people for her basic training course who otherwise can’t afford to get training.

Ron, feel free to make your own donation since you care about people getting training.

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