Comedian Claims He Defeated Every Argument Against Gun Control – Part 1


Steve Hofstetter guns

I got sent a video from a comedian Steve Hofstetter that claimed he defeated every argument against gun control. He stated, “People against gun control parrot the same arguments over and over. Here’s a detailed takedown of every single one of them.”

I felt compelled to counter all 23 of his points and point out the straw man fallacies people like to use when arguing against guns. There’s a lot to unpack here, so this will be a multiple-part series. Here are Arguments 1-5.

Argument 1. – If you think there should be absolutely no laws when it comes to the regulation of firearms that means it shouldn’t be child endangerment to give one to a toddler, “Arm the toddlers like the Bill of Rights intended”

Argument 2. – The Constitution is not absolute because that’s what an amendment is. 27 Times the United States has seen fit to fix something that the Constitution either left out or got completely wrong.

Argument 3. – The justification to make it harder for responsible people to own guns because then it would also be harder for irresponsible people to own a gun.

Argument 4. – Registering your guns.

Argument 5. – Gun registration leads directly to confiscation is a hilariously untrue statement.

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