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Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) in Florida

Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) in Florida is a right that is regulated by the state. In order to carry a concealed weapon in Florida, an individual must obtain a Concealed Weapons License (CWL). In this article, we will discuss the process of obtaining a CWL in Florida, as well as the laws and regulations […]

Subsonic Ammo Loads For 308 

Subsonic loads for 308 rifles are ammunition designed to be fired at a velocity that is below the speed of sound. This results in a reduced amount of noise, recoil, and blast compared to supersonic loads, making subsonic loads ideal for hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications. The 308 Winchester cartridge is a popular cartridge […]

Design The Next Big Horn Armory T-Shirt

Big Horn Armory is launching a new contest to design its next t-shirt with a lever-action theme and is asking its customers to participate. Cody, Wyo. (February 2023) – Big Horn Armory (BHA), makers of big-bore firearms, has launched a new contest to design its next t-shirt and is inviting its customers to submit ideas […]

The History Of Firearms

The history of firearms dates back to the early 13th century when the first handheld firearms were developed in China. These firearms, known as fire lances, were essentially tubes of bamboo filled with gunpowder that were used to ignite enemy soldiers. Over time, these fire lances evolved into hand-held firearms that could fire projectiles, marking […]

10 Things You Need To Know About Glock 19x

The Glock 19X is a highly versatile and reliable firearm, designed for a wide range of uses, from personal protection to tactical operations. Here are ten things you need to know about this popular pistol. 1. Size and Capacity – The Glock 19X is a compact, full-sized pistol that holds 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition. […]

The Role of the Lab in Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI), a leading investigative genetic genealogy company, explains how the importance of choosing the right lab plays into the successful results of cold case findings. Emporia, Va. (January 2023) – Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI), an investigative genetic genealogy firm providing services to law enforcement and government agencies nationwide, bring their client agencies […]

Cold Case Initiative (CCI) Partners with Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI)

Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI) will provide its full suite of investigative genetic genealogy services to Cold Case Initiative (CCI) to support its mission. Bucks County, Pa. (January 2023) – Cold Case Initiative (CCI), a nonprofit assisting agencies with funding to offset the cost of techniques used to solve cold cases, violent crimes, missing persons, and […]

High quality and product expansion are top priorities, as Big Kahuna Industries acquires Ligamec Corporation maker of 50 BMG upper receiver

Odessa, FL – Big Kahuna Industries recently acquired Ligamec Corporation, a maker of 50 BMG upper receiver rifle parts and accessories that fit onto a AR-15 lower receiver. They are doing business as Big Kahuna Guns, and the deal commenced on January 3, 2023. Timothy Francisco, President of Big Kahuna Industries, said, “We are looking […]