California Says LAPD New Service Pistol Safe For Police But Not For Civilians



California gun laws are designed to punish gun owners and not keep them safe, and here is yet another example.

I currently own the MRD, and I had no issues with this gun, so it was no surprise when I learned that the Los Angeles Police Department Selected the FN 509 MRD as their new Duty Pistol.

But here’s where it gets ironic. LAPD thought so highly of the FN 509 MRD that it decided to make it the official duty gun of all LAPD cops.

Still, right now, if you live in California, you can’t own the FN 509 MRD as a citizen.

FN legally can’t sell this gun to people in California because California thinks the FN 509 MRD is unsafe.

The reason why California deems this gun unsafe is that it’s not on the California gun roster.

California has a list of guns that Californians are allowed to own.

This list is how California’s back-door way to ban guns.

So it’s safe enough for LAPD to use the FN MRD as their duty gun but not safe enough for California citizens to use it to protect their lives.

That makes no sense. That’s how silly and hypocritical these gun laws are.

California’s gun roster is not only bullshit; it’s elitist, and this proves it.

They will always say it’s for your safety when in reality, it’s for their control.

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