Biden’s Nominee to Lead ATF, David Chipman, Exposed as Extremely Anti-Gun


David Chipman ATF

Biden’s Nominee to Lead ATF, David Chipman, Exposed as Extremely Anti-Gun:

Biden’s pick for Gun Control CZar, David Chipman is being nominated for a position responsible for regulating firearms in this country.

You would think the person would be somebody who was impartial and didn’t have a political leaning.

But, we’re talking about an individual who, as of today, works for an anti-gun organization that disagrees with the Heller Supreme Court’s case that said that we have an individual right to own firearms.

He works for an organization that disagreed with that supreme court decision. His goal is as clear as day. They want to ban firearms, and he wants to start with the AR-15.

Take into account his definition of what an assault weapon is.

He would create law based on his interpretation, the ATF is not there to be in a position to create law.

Having somebody like David Chipman in this position is no different than getting the Grand Master of the KKK to be the head of the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Commission.

All of these anti-gun organizations are begging for his confirmation because they understand that they can leverage his position to create additional gun control laws through the ATF.

His whole purpose is to get into this position to further the agenda of restricting our rights under the Second Amendment.

He knows it, the anti-gun organizations know it, Biden knows it, and now the rest of the world knows it because he embarrassed himself during this hearing.

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