Biden’s Actions Arm Taliban With Assault Rifles But Tells Americans He’s Going to Take Their AR-15s


Joe Biden Arm Taliban

Joe Biden is the last person on earth to be telling anyone in America what they can or can’t own to protect their families when he just armed the Taliban with more automatic guns than there are in the hands of American Citizens.

The next time you hear or see Joe Biden talking about Gun Control, I want you to remember that the Taliban, with its now hundreds of thousands of American Assault Rifles, has more access to the Second Amendment than you.

By way of his actions and inept decision-making, our president gave one of the most tyrannical governments in recent history access to hundreds of thousands of guns that American citizens don’t even have access to.

You know, I find it painfully ironic at best and straight-up hypocrisy at worst, that Joe Biden, a man who constantly brags about passing the assault weapon ban as well as:

– the Same man who tells American Citizens that they don’t need AR-15’s which is what he means when he says assault or military-style weapons,

– the same man who says American citizens don’t need any gun that can take more than ten rounds,

– the Same Man who says he’s going to take on the nations most prominent 2nd Amendment Organization and that he’s coming after the Gun manufacturers,

is the same man who messed up the withdraw of troops from Afghanistan so severely, the Taliban now have access to 25,000 Grenade launchers, Nearly 65,000 actual machine guns, and about 360,000 actual assault rifles, According to a Government Accountability Office Report
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