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Gun Classifieds: 3 Tips For Better Listings

When creating gun classifieds on Armory Classifieds, there are some tried and true methods to use to make your listing more appealing to buyers. If you’re listing your firearm on Armory Classifieds, you want it to sell to the right local buyer. By following a few simple guidelines, the firearms in your gun classifieds can […]

A Tour of Chapuis Armes: Home of the MR-73 Revolver Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! With the MR-73 revolvers finally becoming regularly available in the US, I figured it would be really interesting to see how they are made! So, I headed over to Chapuis Armes, where the Directeur Général, Vincent Chapuis, gave me a really nice tour. Want to see? Let’s go […]

Top 5 Guns Chambered In .308

Looking for a product featured in this video? YouTube prevents us from posting links. Head over to our website to find what you’re looking for. 0:00 Top 5 Guns Chambered in .308 0:41 #5 – FN SCAR 20S 1:48 #4 – IWI Galil Ace Gen2 4:04 #3 – FN FAL (DSA SA58 PARA) 6:13 #2 […]

Quebec Papal Zouave’s Ceremonial Gewehr 71/84 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! Here’s a rifle with an interesting twisting history… This began life as a German military Gewehr 71/84, made in 1888. It was issued to a unit, but eventually replaced by the Gewehr 1888. It was sold to the Francis Bannerman company at some point around 1900, as part […]

The Canik Mete SFX ~ 9mmMonday ~ IV8888 Range Day

This is the 1st 9mm Monday from the Iraq Veteran 8888 Range Day! Enjoy SUPPORT DROP IT LIKE IT’S SCOTT – Patreon If you like the content, hit the SUBSCRIBE on the bottom right! NOTE: All guns and Firearms used in my videos are used in a safe manner on my personally owned […]