ATF New Proposed Rule on Pistol Stabilizing Braces is Absolutely Ridiculous


ATF Pistol Stabilizing Braces

The ATF just put out a NOTICE that it plans to change the definition of a Rifle.
ATF proposed rule 2021R-08, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces’”

Understand that if they do this and you have a gun with a stabilizing brace on it and you don’t destroy your gun, turn it in to the ATF, or attach a longer barrel and REGISTER your gun with the government and pay the government a $200 tax; you’ll become a felon.

What the ATF is trying to do has nothing to do with Safety, They’re pushing Joe Biden’s gun control agenda because the ATF doesn’t have to go through Congress to change rules.

The Stabilizing brace was designed by SB Tactical. They designed the brace so that injured veterans can stabilize large pistols with short barrels. In 2012 the ATF approved the use of the Stabilizing brace on large Pistols with short barrels and said that the stabilizing brace is not a stock but a Pistol stabilizing Brace.

So what can you do to stop this?

Well, 5 months ago the ATF tried to do the same thing, but the Gun community raised so much hell, they withdrew their letter. Now, they feel emboldened because of the current administration, so they’re trying it again.

This time we need to be even louder. The way you do it is by submitting a comment to the ATF today. Not tomorrow, not next week but today.

The ATF has to have a period where they accept comments from the public before implementing a rule change.

Here is the link to where you can submit your comment to the ATF telling them why this rule change is a violation of your 2A rights.

***Please be respectful, because they’ll look for any reason to throw your comment out.

After you do this, share this video with as many people as you know so that more people see it and submit their own comments. It has worked before and if we come together as a community it can work again.

REMEMBER: The more unique comments and different arguments the ATF receives, the more they will have to read and respond to (this is good)!

According to the ATF: “All comments should reference this document’s docket number ATF 2021R-08, be legible, and include the commenter’s complete first and last name and full mailing address. ATF may not consider, or respond to, comments that do not meet these requirements or comments containing excessive profanity.”


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