ACLU’s New Agenda is to Make Support of the Second Amendment As Racist


ACLU Racism

Gun control may be racist, but gun rights are not.

The ACLU claimed in a recent statement, “Racism is foundational to the Second Amendment and its inclusion in the Bill of Rights.”

History shows the ACLU is both incorrect and “disgusting” in trying to use the subject of race in an anti-Second Amendment context, given the history of gun rights.

It is kind of sickening to try to utilize the racial past in this country to get the very people who probably need a gun the most away from the Second Amendment.

There are concrete facts that show that gun control has a history rooted in racism.

We are talking about a country that got its independence via a group of people coming together with their own arms to fight a tyrannical government, and then, as a result of that, writing the Second Amendment so that we could continue to protect that country.”

The idea that the Second Amendment is racist is nothing but a red herring.

If you can color the Second Amendment and make it seem like it is racist, then anybody defending the Second Amendment is inherently defending racism.

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