A Gun Exploded in Class!!!


Most of you may have seen the event involving Scott from Kentucky Ballistics and the SLAP round in the Serbu RN-50. It doesn’t just happen in rifles. During the mass production of ammo during this ammo crunch, it can also happen in pistols with manufactured ammo.

Ladies and gentleman!! It is important that we take proper precautions and are as safe as possible with firearms during a time in which ammo is being mass produced at record rates.

I’ve heard this warning before in Gun shops and amongst reloaders that quality control tends to diminish during an ammo crisis at factories due to increased production, increased hours worked and so on.

I recently got 1st hand experience with such a situation that I believe is extremely rare and that I thought would never happen.

Following proper safety protocol and having a good pistol design by Smith & Wesson allowed us to avoid any serious injuries during the event.

Here is what occurred.