6 Dead In Russian Mass Shooting As Students Leap From Windows


Russia Mass Shooting

Russia has strict gun ownership laws where applicants for a firearm license have to pass psychological exams and own a smoothbore shotgun for a trial period before obtaining a non-semi-automatic rifle because no one can own a semi-automatic rifle.

Pistol ownership is even more strict and primarily limited to retiring military officers given a pistol as an award for their service.

Not to mention every gun has to be registered!

I always say that when politicians and the antigun lobby say they want common-sense gun control, it’s dishonest because they’ll always use every tragedy to push even more gun control.

It’s clear that Russias’ gun laws are more restrictive than ours, but does anyone want to guess what the response to this mass shooting will be?

If you said even tighter gun laws, you’ve clearly been paying attention.

A few months ago, Russia had another mass shooting where the 19-year-old shooter used a hunting shotgun to kill 9 people and injure 23.

After this shooting, Russia pushed for even more gun control.

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