5 New Ways To Grow Your Firearm YOUTUBE Channel


There’s no better time than now to figure out how to promote your firearm or gun YouTube channel. How-ever lets look at the facts. In 2019, YouTube put out the word to demonetizes channels or videos that included sensitive topics.

This now known as the “YAA or YouTube’s Advertising Algorithm or Adpocalypse” Runs on every video that gets uploaded for now on. What they don’t tell you is that if flagged by the YouTube algorithm. You will slowly start seeing huge drops in the organic traffic.

Organic eyes isn’t a huge deal if you have Millions of subscribers before this update. How-ever it will keep the smaller channels from even getting the second look. That’s not to mention that if YouTube can’t make money from your content they are less likely to show at the top.

So… This leaves the question how do you grow a YouTube channel inside this restricted area of the internet.

Well, here are 5 way to grow your firearm, outdoor channels.

  1. Join Influencer’s networks: ArmoryTV.com for example

These types of networks are designed to help promote your channel and videos. They have programs that not only automatically add your videos but share them as-well to 1000s of websites. Armory TV has over 10 million people that watch these videos every month. This opens the doors for your channel to meet the audience your trying to connect with now.

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2. Get more involved with forums: ArmoryForums.com for example

Armory Forums has over 5 million members and counting. It’s 100% based in the outdoor, firearm, ammunition world. FREE to join and can talk, post and share just about what ever you want. Not to mention ArmoryTV buys there sponsor positions every month. That should at least tell you something about the traffic. Just join and share your videos in the discussions.